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  1. Alpha-Band Activity in Parietofrontal Cortex Predicts Future Availability of Vibrotactile Feedback in Prosthesis Use
    Johnson, John T., de Mari, Daniele, Doherty, Harper, Hammond, Frank L., and Wheaton, Lewis A.
    Experimental Brain Research Mar 2022
  2. Partial-Hand Prosthesis Users Show Improved Reach-to-Grasp Behaviour Compared to Transradial Prosthesis Users with Increased Task Complexity
    Alterman, Bennett L., Keeton, Emily, Ali, Saif, Binkley, Katrina, Hendrix, William, Lee, Perry J., Wang, Shuo, Kling, James, Johnson, John T., and Wheaton, Lewis A.
    Journal of Motor Behavior Apr 2022


  1. Neurorehabilitation in Adults With Traumatic Upper Extremity Amputation: A Scoping Review
    Rydland, Jake, Spiegel, Stephanie, Wolfe, Olivia, Alterman, Bennett, Johnson, John T, and Wheaton, Lewis A
    Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair Dec 2021